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BlackBerry Balance Enables 2 User Profiles on Same Mobile Phone

by Caroline Lebrun

February 26, 2013 11:00 AM

How Smart is that? Work and Personal Experience coexist on BlackBerry 10

Go Ahead! Use Your Company Phone! It’s OK! BlackBerry has made this even simpler! I was very impressed that a manufacturer finally thought of an application that permits you to have two user profiles on the same device. BlackBerry Balance offers you the ability to have a separate profile for work and your personal life. Stay connected to your corporate information at all times and still have a social life without carrying a second device everywhere.

BlackBerry BalanceCorporate liable phones vs BYOD

The BYOD Debate – The Employee VS. The IT Department, it is all about security of business data and making sure it is available when needed.  The Bring Your Own Device trend in corporate settings does cause challenges for the IT department, and when business data is mixed with personal uses and can cause the following issues:

  1. Work data can be compromised dues to malware or certain app permissions.
  2. When remote security wipes are performed, personal info is also wiped clean.

BlackBerry Balance offers advantages for both the work phone or the BYOD. On a recent Biz Blog article explained it this way, "Work and Personal perimeters are created on the smartphone to separate and secure the corresponding apps, connections, and data." It is about having it all on one device, "Security for Administrators and freedom for employees."

Here is the ideal situation with BlackBerry Balance:

  • Employees are connected to the corporate infrastructure and promote the use of business applications behind-the-firewall.
  • Employees can be mobile which in turn promotes productivity, devices are ultra-functional.
  • Work perimeters are controlled and managed in details with the same fonctionality that the BlackBerry enterprise provides.
  • Personal perimeter is protected reducing significantly the risk of BYOD.
  • Employees are free from restrictions on their mobile devices: Download apps, use the camera, text messages and browsing.

Blackberry balance is not just for BYOD trends, it also applies to the use of Corporate devices for personal usage and being able to keep both separate on the same device. With Etelesolv's Telemanager Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), you can keep track of what is going on these devices and keep user aware of what their monthly usage.

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Reference Article: BlackBerry Balance.

Image Source: BlackBerry Z10.

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